With a passion for innovation, original design, and uncompromising quality, Lightella delivers iconic and contemporary indoor and outdoor lighting collections.
since the beginning, Lightella has expanded well-beyond its roots and gained broad recognition for its ever-expanding creativity and quality control which managed to pave the way to becoming an industry leader. All our products are manufactured by Lightella, allowing us to define and control the standards of all components and consistently develop them further every day, we only use components and processing techniques that comply with the latest standards of technology, this ensures that each product meets our quality standards and is durable for years to come.
Our vision:
Become the #1 leading company for lighting solutions in Egypt from simple lamps to sophisticated illumination projects.

Our Mission:

Continue to grow and improve in order to provide our customers with the best lighting solutions and surpass all current expectations in terms of quality, innovation, and reliability.

Metals and finishes

We take extra care in the development and manufacture of our products, which also includes optimum protection of the metals and finishes we use. Each product must fulfil the highest requirements.